Friday, October 1, 2010

Nature at its best :)

I am writing this post while sitting in a bus to Edinburgh. Its raining cats and dogs in kirkcaldy. Unfortunately I could not have the luxury to sit back at home and enjoy a hot steaming cup of coffee while listening to the soothing sound of the rain. I have an interview today in a marketing company based out of Edinburgh. I am enjoy this bus journey to the bits. I am passing right now from the main esplanade. And believe me I have not seen such violent sea in kirkcaldy till now. The heavy rain and windy weather have whipped waves up. Its utterly scary. The water looks grey with black clouds hovering in the sky. I am listening to the song “Give me Sunshine” from 3 idiots as the bus climbs through a steep road. The sight is just out of the world. Here I pass through verdant meadows. Sheep are grazing calmly. I can see rain following me . It sprinkles on the window and obstruct the lovely view. Autumn is approaching . The color of the leaves is turning to more brighter hues like orange and yellow. Its nothing but immense lush greenery that you can see all around. I can write and praise nature's beauty till I reach Edinburgh. But right now I am in a mood to enjoy this journey, rain, and the breathtaking vistas.