Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day :1

Day 1: day one was very difficult for me as I was still fighting with the reality and somehow coudnt accept it. Abhi was making every possible effort to keep me happy. To divert my mind from thinking about it I preferred calling up all my loved ones. And akshay undoubtedly tops the list. He is my alterego. Then mummy papa, poonam bebo, my lulu, my sweet mother in law, sippa papa......Any my ralu baby Anyway there's is no end to my list. I decided that I would not think much about it and would get back to my normal routine, however I hv taken a long break from my office work as I could not focus on pc for long. Thanks to abhi who is working from home for more than a week. I hv somebdy to talk to me all the time and take good care of me. Yesterday I again took the charge of the kitchen and was back with my great recepies. I love when abhi praises my cooking. It's amazing. I made rajma chawal yesterday but it didn't taste that good to me as i could not sense the taste anymore. My poor tastebuds. But I enjoyed my rajma chawal to the fullest. Abhi liked it very much. I am taking all the medicines on time and trying to keep myself free from tension and worries. These days abhi takes out time and plays guitar very often. Yes he was playing the song " pankhon ko Hawa Zara si", my eyes were wet again. He consoled me and pepped up my spirits. Love you so much abhi :) 


  1. i thnk abhi is the best friend around. njoy the live music and do keep boosting him too. :D

  2. MASttttttt...aise hi positive reh :)

  3. I am so glad you have abhi near you... :)