Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 5 & Day:6

Abhi is not at home with me. No more work from home for him :( but he makes sure I take all my medicines on time. I have a mild headache that makes me sleep for long hours. I still have the pain but my face is showing some signs of recovery. I was going through some websites and articles about Bells Palsy, which have clearly mentioned that there may be an increase or a decrease in pain in patients who are recovering because the numbness and paralysis that they had previously experienced is subsiding. So, I am not so worried about it.

I can now close my right eye quite properly and eat on my own. :) very soon , a physiotherapist will be assigned by the hospital who I need to visit on weekends. :)


  1. Brilliant Improvement :).....dekha jaldi theek ho jaayega ab

  2. good to hear that u r recovering...