Monday, July 19, 2010

Day: 5

Sunday is meant to be a funday but of-late for me its more of a rest day. As I was totally fed up of sitting at home and doing nothing except eating healthy food or popping medicines, I needed a real good break. Abhi had told me about a small pretty village in Fife region, called North Queensferry, which houses the Scotland's National aquarium. I was all ready to explore it. Its a picturesque village, and all you can hear on its winding roads is the soothing rustling of leaves. Thanks to Abhi's new phone, which guided us to the SEA World. This is for the first time in my life I had seen incredibly beautiful fishes, frogs, crabs, lobsters and, above all, deadly sharks. The underwater glass tunnel was just out of the world. People were going crazy seeing those ferocious animals swimming majestically above them. A great experience indeed. for a while I had totally forgotten about my head ache and palsy. I was putting my best efforts to express my joy, fear and surprise after seeing that place. Abhi took some pics of mine but I was so reluctant to get clicked. :). I could feel a lot of pain on the right side of the face. But somehow I managed it as I didnt want to compromise with the fun and masti.

Meanwhile I got a call from Akshay who had just watched "Inception" and gave a terrific review about it. We were so pumped up that we boarded the train to Edinburgh and bought movie tickets and we were in the Q for the next show. Inception, the film, is a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind. The concept was very unique and complex that there was a pin drop silence in the hall, may be everybody was equally confused as I was. It talked about planting an idea in to someone's mind, which is not real. the action was mind blowing and brilliant. but nothing seemed to be getting in to my mind as I was so much distracted with my severe headache. Somehow I managed to spend two hours there.

I called up Abhi's frnd, Kshitij,who is a surgeon. He told me the pain was normal and it happens when the body is in recovery mode. I was bit relaxed then but was still worried about my health. Pain is the part of my life now and I am learning to live with it. But, as per doc, it is a temporary phase and everything will be fine soon. :)


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  1. came here through @ease.. Though I don't really know much about Edinburgh and places around, your visit to the national aquarium did sound interesting...

    and about the movie.. Is it really that good.. I mean, people have told me that its good but half of them couldn't really understand what was going on..