Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life positive

Hey akshay, you were asking me to start blogging about my experience of living in a foriegn local,which is breathtakingly beautiful. Scotland is my new home. But unfortunately I am doing so after this traumatic incident which actually tried to make me weak but iam sure it woudnt never win against me. I am having great time here with my hubby but nothing can soothe the pain that I feel when I think of my home, my parents, and my so many loved ones. May be this emotional stress was taking a toll over me for quite a few days. I had been suferring from a serious and unbearable headache for last three days but could not make it out in which part of brain was paining. It seemed like thousands of ants are eating away my brain and a long long syringe has been pierced into my right ear. Totally ignorant about what was hapening to me, I was totally into my daily household chores and activities. Yesterday , while I was preparing breakfast for abhi, I suddenly noticed I was unable to close my right eye. I thought it might be because of not sleeping properly for last few days. I was again taking lightly untill I noticed my lips turning towards left and I was unable to speak anything properly. I was taken aback. Now it was no more a joke to me. Oh my god! I had lost my smile:(. Abhishek and I rushed to the nearby hospital without making any delays and approached the emergency department. Within half hour a pretty young doc attended me. Tears were drizzling from my eyes constantly and abhi was standing besides me holding my hand firmly. A little smile on his face convinced me that everything would be fine. Lindsey, my doc did a long check up and diagnosed me with an acute disease, called bell's pasly because of which the right side of face had become paralytic. I was totally into shock and my brain had gone numb. Why on the earth it happenned to me but life is unexpected and anything can happen. She told me to have patience as this disease is 99 percnt curable. I was so negative that I was just thinking about that one percent. We came back home. I was still in to depression. Things got worst when I could not eat properly. Water was drooling out of my mouth and that was hell , believe me. Abhi was helping me out with it feeding me with a spoon. I was looking at him and crying. I could not utter a single word how it felt. I dint like seeing myself in to the mirror with a distorted face. Suddenly the mirror had become my biggest enemy. With my broken and not so clear words and tear filled eyes I was just repeating onething to abhishek; abhi I have lost my smile!.
I dint want to disturb my parents with this news so I asked abhi to call up akshay and ask him to convey the message to my parents. Just to make sure everything was fine at home I called up my mom and talked to my mom. I could feel a lump in her throat. she asked me to come online on turn on the webcam. Just to chill me up and tell me how pretty I looked she showed to me marriage album. Though it was making me more depressed but I still loved watching it. Thts all my lovely mother could do.
Rashmi , poonam and askhay, you are my greatest support in life. Thanks to you all, gradually I am learning to
Cope up with it and just trying to keep myself patient. I can now imagine how my father dealt up with his paralytic hand. Papu ka strong baby Hun mein. I have not learnt to give up in my life. I have full fAith on my patience and strong will power that would make me get well soon very soon. Anyway my purpose of writing my experience is to create awareness about this dearful
and depressing disease. Please pray for me :) want to see myself smiling again confidently standing in the front of the mirror, and proudly telling myself, yes finally I am the winner. :)


  1. Dear Sis

    We love you for what you are and will love you irrespective of whatever happens. This disease is completely curable and actually can be cured in 2 weeks.

    Am sure by your next blog post you would have your smile back.

  2. now thats a sad thing to happen to my sweetest friend. But i have read numerous blogs about this disorder and its almost 100% curable. They more you are positive, the sooner you re-cover.
    All my blessing to you.

    Lots of Love to you!!

  3. To a girl who has always taken all the problems in the life head-on I can just say be calm and 'this too shall pass' How I wish I were with you at this time but what I can't make up in person I will try to make up in spirit. Remember how when everything was going wrong you Ralu and I would just turn on the stereo and dance like mad on'Phatela jeb sil jayega'. You have always had a sunny attitude to life, time to count back on it. With a super caring buddy-husband and loved ones by your side you just have to think positive and everything will be OK.With the way you are reacting to the stuation I can say that you are already on your way to recovery.
    Love you lots . Rise and shine:) Here's something to cheer you up.

  4. Hey thanks so much for wishes yaar. Thanks for keeping me so positive. Love you all

  5. Hey lulu I love you and ralu a lot will be fine soon. Abhishek ki shadi mein Milton Hun dekh. Mast bilkul

  6. Hey Rakhi, this is well-written, in the sense it highlights your conflicting emotions very well. Your love for your husband exudes, your pain at being away from family also shows. I am sorry that you have to suffer this painful disease, but you know what, you will soon be your old beautiful self again. Just hold on there with the bountiful of love offered by all your dear ones that you have been lucky to be blessed with.

    Take care, rest well, and hope you are happy and well soon. Cheers.

  7. Aur beta

    Load na le tu....papa sippa ka aashirvaad hai tere paas....chill maar yaar...sab sahi hoga....u will be 100% normal in 2 weeks dekh liyo....meri shaadi mein jo aana hai...bachon ke bina papa ki saadi kaise hogi...:).....and never lose hope....distances dnt matter,wat matters is closeness which will always b thr....time just flies...u noe that rite...soon itl be time fr u guys to come to india...u dnt have to tell ny f us to pray fr u...its always there fr u and abhi..abe ghar waalon ke saath kya formality....chal tu rest kar and take care f urself....ALL IZZ WELL bol sab sahi ho jaayega :)...loads f luv and hugs...papa sippa

  8. “Papu ka strong baby Hun mein.”

    Sweetie I love what you have written. It’s so honest that it brings tears to my eyes. You have a lovely way of expression. To be able to write what you are experiencing at the moment itself shows your strength of character. Keep it up!!

    You know in life everything passes. The good times as well as the bad times. What remains constant is the love of near n dear ones. Which you have in tons.

    Our best wishes and prayers are with you dear. Am sure you will be soon smiling! (you know people have been cured of Bell’s Palsy in 10 days without medication too!!).

    And we are really looking forward to meeting you in October. Badi masti marenge and sippa papa aur mummy ko pareshan kar denge ;)

    Keep writing and keep smiling!!

    Kavi n Prado

  9. Read something i want to share with you:

    Do not give up in life because there are lot of difficulties.

    Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you;
    but to help you realize your hidden potential.

    Let difficulties know that you are difficult.

  10. Rakhi, did Bells Palsy develop just like that.. I mean didnt you have any symptoms of it before or anything wrong that could have happened.. you know...?? does it happen aise hi baithe baithe..??