Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day :4

I went to the hospital today. My doc was a lovely Scottish lady who had full sympathy with me " Rakhi you must be feeling very bad, it been just a month to you in Kirkcaldy and all this happened". Anyway,considering my last report she could see a little improvement in my eye now but she cant say how much time would it take to recover completely. She just kept appreciating my courage and patience. tht's all anyone could do :).. I have serious pain in my mouth as I could not open it properly. its kinda punishment. It seems as if somebody has chocked my mouth with cotton. Its horrible. I know its a tough game to win but I will win :)


  1. OMG sweetie... take care

    lots of love and hugs and moggies

    Get well soon!!

  2. it's just a matter of some time bhabhi.

  3. its just a matter of few more days..!!
    :) take care.