Friday, July 16, 2010


Day3: A beautiful start tothe day with a yummy breakfast and abhi besides me and his out of the worl pj's. Abhi's parents make sure to talk to me thrice in a day. It was time to call them up. Their utmost love and care make me more strong and positive. I love the way my father in law boosts up my confidence" arey tu to mera strong Baccha hai, har na maan beta, sab accha Hoga" . My mother in law makes sure I m not taking any tension. Everything happens for a reason. Indeed it does.
Iam simply loving sharing this problem of mine with my friends. I know they all are praying for my well being and it's just because of them I am so very positive and calm. Akshay my sweet brother calls me up daily in the morning and we chat for long. About my recovery, Abhi, rashmi, poonam, rahul, .....,......:)my most awaited indiA trip. I am so very close to my loved ones right now. Though they are not here but I can feel their presence, I can feel akshay's big hugs for me, I can feel the wetness on my cheeks,may be thts rashmi's honey wali kiss for me or ralu ka pucchi. I am on steriods which make me very lazy. I don't feel like doing any physical work and all I want to do is just sleep and think about all my loved ones .                               


  1. Beta jo shart haari thi yaad hai na...acha waala gift milna chahiye mjhe..samajh gayi

  2. Arey Han bhai sab yad hai ...tera gift pakka hai. Love u

  3. just imagine Rakhi... How much love you would get when u come to India... Your family would be throwing themselves on you... Imagine that hug and be super duper positive..